Bespoke hand-stitched cowhide rugs

Hair-on cowhide is used to make all of our rugs, and they are backed with 100% recycled rubber, making them comfortable to walk on, sound-absorbing and slip-resistant.

Inkomo Products: bespoke Nguni area rug for De Toren Private Cellar.
Bespoke Nguni rug by Inkomo
Inkomo hand stitched cowhide rugs | custom rug created for Almenkerk Wine Estate, Grabouw

Bespoke hand-stitched leather furniture

We make a variety of hair-on cowhide and leather headboards, kists and seats. 

All made to measure.

Leather hand stitched headboard by Inkomo Products
Cowhide rug square by Inkomo Products

Hand-stitched cowhide bags and accessories

Our exclusive bags and accessories are meticulously created using the best quality cowhides.

Inkomo Products: cowhide place mats
Inkomo Products: cowhide place mats