Frequently Asked Questions
Orders & Delivery

What is the price of the rugs & furniture?

The cost of any rug is affected by its layout design and its size.A quotation can be provided easily and swiftly.

All furniture is custom-designed & -manufactured and, as such, is very specifically priced.

Cowhide is the more expensive of the materials; the hair-off upholstery leathers are somewhat cheaper.

Various discounts exist for rug orders that exceed specific square-meter targets.

Please contact us for a quotation.

What VAT & duty is payable on the rug?

We are not yet VAT registered, so you will not be charged VAT at present

If you are ordering a rug from outside South Africa, and your country of residence charges VAT, there’s a strong likelihood that this VAT rate will be payable to customs & excise upon entry. It will be based on the value stated on an accompanying invoice.

Levels of duty on imports differ dramatically depending on which country and what the item is. The US and EU nations all have an arrangement in which goods — and in particular handmade items — coming in from South Africa are granted “preferential” status and, as such, carry little or no duty.

What is the rate of exchange for international orders?

For currency exchange rates on South African Rands (ZAR) check out a currency website, such as

Payments from abroad need to be effected in South African Rands and transferred according to the information provided on the tax invoice. A transfer fee will be levied by the payee’s own bank for this service.

What is your payment policy?

A 50% deposit is to be paid to initiate production on any order.

Once completed, a photograph of the item(s) and a final invoice for the 50% balance will be issued. Payment thereof will initiate delivery.

How long does it take to make a rug or piece of furniture?

 Aside from the two most obvious factors — how large the item required is and how busy the workshop is at the time — turnaround is contingent on the availability of the desired leather.

Upholstery leathers are generally readily available and, in the majority of instances where these are to be utilized, the item should be completed within a four-to-five week period 

With anything that uses cowhide, turnaround will be as mentioned above as long as the hides are either in the workshop’s stockpile or can be sourced in the Cape Town area. For hides that need to be sourced from somewhere else in South Africa, add a further week or two.