Frequently Asked Questions
Contruction & Materials

How are the rugs constructed?

We “click” (stamp out) matching pieces of leather & backing using a click press and a “knife” (a cookie-cutter of sorts). Each piece is punched around its perimeter with needle-holes before being hand-stitched together.

What are the attributes of our cowhide rugs?

Inkomo cowhide rugs are well-cushioned, sound-absorbing and slip-resistant.  The hand-stitching allows furniture that needs to move easily across the rug’s surface — such as dining-table chairs — to glide freely.

What leathers are used in the manufacture of our product?

Cowhide (hair-on bovine) only is used for the rugs: it is very attractive and luxurious to the touch.

Upholstery leathers are used for the bedheads and the benches; cowhide on the stools, and also as an alternative material on the benches.

What about the backing on the carpets?

 The rugs are backed with a 100% recycled rubber product (see Responsibility).

What thread is used to hand-stitch the product?

Known simply as “waxed cotton”, the thread has a polyester core and is incredibly tough for this reason — virtually impossible to break.

How durable are the rugs?

Our rugs are suitable for virtually all residential spaces, as well as for light corporate & hospitality use — boardrooms, executive offices, high-end suites, etc. A well-cared for rug can last for many years.

Please note that our rugs are not recommended for high-traffic areas.

...and the furniture?

Our furniture is all extremely hard-wearing.

Will under-floor heating or direct sunlight affect the rug?

No, its rubber-granule construction ensures the rubber backing does not expand when warmed, so the rug remains flat. The cowhide upper is unaffected by heat, as is the stitching.